What has the AJC done about the Phoenix Pay System?

As mentioned in previously communications, the AJC has used virtually every available mechanism to put pressure on the Government in close collaboration with the other bargaining agents.

Employment issues for federal servants fall under the PSLRA.  This legislative framework is different from the common law and differs from many of the employment law or tort concepts that you may be familiar with.

We have used the tools provided to us aggressively:  

What are the current pay-related issues facing AJC members?

It is the AJC's understanding that incidents of AJC members not receiving regular pay are far fewer than those experienced by members of other bargaining agents.  

However, there are still numerous issues affecting our members that include:

How do I ensure that I don´t miss a potential mistake with my Pay?

  1. Examine your pay statement every payday to ensure it is correct.
  2. If there is a problem, flag it to your immediate supervisor/manager.
  3. Contact your Trusted Source and Liaison Unit to ensure that it received all the payroll information and instructions from your supervisor/manager and that such information has been inputted and submitted to the Pay Centre.

I'm on maternity/paternity leave and the department has yet to send my Record of Employment to Service Canada?

You must first contact Service Canada's Employment Insurance Program Section to explain the situation in detail. Service Canada should be in a position to provide instructions on advancing your maternity/paternity claim forward.

Generally, the common rule is to ask questions and explain the predicament to Service Canada beforehand, concerning any difficulties you may be experiencing with the employer.  If Service Canada knows a problems exist in advance, it usually will not apply any penalties.  A maternity/paternity claim must be filed within 4 weeks from your last day worked.

What happens if I reached a dead-end with the Trusted Source and Pay Centre and am unable to secure enrolment under the requisite benefit plans?

Recent pay processes and system issues have impacted group insurance benefit plan administration. These issues are affecting the ability of new employees to access their benefits and existing employees to change their levels of coverage.

In collaboration with Public Services and Procurement Canada and the Plan administrators, the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat has developed temporary measures to address some of the issues with your benefits.

Public Service Health Care Plan (PSHCP)

Plan registration for new employees

How can I submit a claim for an out-of-pocket expenses related to Phoenix pay issues?

The Treasury Board announced that a claims office was open to reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses public servants have incurred due to problems with the Phoenix pay system.  Currently, Treasury Board is not willing to compensate employees for interest.  It will however consider out-of-pocket expenses incurred on account of the Pay Centre crisis.