Am I entitled to automatically become an indeterminate employee after three years of continuous employment provided there is no interruption of continuous service?

It depends.  Term employees employed in the same department for a period of three (3) continuous years (without a break of 60 consecutive calendar days or more) must be appointed as an indeterminate employee at the level of his/her substantive position.  Having said this, there may be certain exceptions, where the source of funding for salary dollars is from external sources and for a limited duration (sunset funding) or where the department puts a hold on ongoing accumulation of service for the purposes of conversion to indeterminate status where it can be established that the indeterminat

Can a term employee be bumped out of a job by an indeterminate employee who has been laid off?

Yes, pursuant to Section 1.1.2 of the WFAD, departments are expected to carry out effective human resource planning to minimize the impact of work force adjustment situations on indeterminate employees, on the department and on the public service.  This could therefore include terminating term employees early before resorting to workforce adjustment of indeterminate employees.  

Do term employees have any form of job protection/job security at the expiration and/or non-renewal of the term?

No. Section 58(1) of the Public Service Employment Act (“PSEA”) states that, at the expiration of a specified term, the employee ceases to be an employee and is not entitled to priority status for placement within the federal public service.  Accordingly, sections 40, 41(4) and 44 of the PSEA which deal with priority lists and advertised processes do not apply to term employees.  


Is there any recourse available to term employees upon expiry or non-renewal of my term?

The Federal Public Service Labour Relations and Employment Board does not have jurisdiction to hear grievances based upon the term employment policy and/or the non-renewal of term employment.
The decision to renew or not renew falls squarely within the discretion of the department.

As expiry and/or non-renewal of term employment do not constitute a lay-off pursuant to the collective agreement, there is no right of complaint under section 65 of the Public Service Employment Act.