Must an LP sign the Performance Agreement form?

Although this form is referred to as a performance agreement, you will note in various sections of the form that your signature constitutes an acknowledgement only, and not an agreement with the content.  The AJC recommends that LPs provide acknowledgements with or without comments, as LPs consider appropriate.

What if I disagree with the performance objectives?

All employees are entitled to engage their direct supervisors and/or managers in a discussion on the appropriateness and reasonableness of the performance objectives.  Consideration should be given to the reasonableness of the objectives and whether they are reasonably attainable having regard to current circumstances, i.e. staffing and workload challenges, management support, changes in priority, accommodation requirements, collective agreement entitlements, and the like.

What happens if my informal attempt to have my performance objectives modified fail?

There may be a range of options that you might want to consider.  Advice may be sought from the AJC in order for you to better scope out your options.  This course of action may range from requesting that the AJC intervene on your behalf at a more senior management level to considering formal channels to challenge the objectives.  

How do I address the situation where my objectives are unlikely going to be met due to reasons beyond my control?

The AJC also encourages you to have a timely and frank discussion with your supervisor (to be documented) regarding any and all instances that have essentially impaired or are likely to impair your ability to meet certain objectives, so that you may formally request a revision to your performance objectives in accordance with the principles set out in the Manager's and Supervisor's Guide.