What can I do if I have an issue with my pay expense reimbursement or benefit enrolment?

(Please note that for any pay-related issue, you must follow the process outlined below except as otherwise indicated)

You should start with an enquiry to the HR Trusted Source & Liaison Unit (HR TS&LU) to see if your documentation was sent to the Pay Centre to process the payment or change.  Any item which requires management approval comes through the HR TS&LU.  Everything that is a personal option must be sent by you to the Pay Centre, we cannot do this for you. The procedure in the HR TS&LU is to notify you with an e-mail that an item has been sent to the Pay Centre.

(If the HR TS&LU does not have confirmation, then you must get management to verify that the Pay Centre was notified of your issue).  

It is left up to you to make enquiries through the Pay Centre on when the increase will be processed.  The HR TS&LU is not mandated to make enquiries on your behalf when you can´t get through.  

The HR TS&LU would only get involved if the Pay Centre's escalation process has been exhausted and there remains a dispute on salary or allowance issues.  The HR TS&LU would then get involved and, where required, bring in other stakeholders such as Labour Relations.

With regard to the options for self-service in the Compensation Web Application (CWA), the HR TS&LU has no mandate to get involved, for example, with personal options by employees, such as paying additional tax or changing insurance coverage.

If you are being underpaid you can:

  • Request Priority Pay: At the request of a manager and financial authority, departments can provide 60% of your gross pay within 24-48 hours. (These payments are deducted from your future pay.) For more information on Priority Pay, please click here.
  • Request Emergency Salary Advance: Emergency salary advances may be available to members, please consult the answer to the next question for full details.