• To promote the improvement of conditions of employment for Crown counsel;
  • To negotiate with the employer with respect to all matters affecting terms and conditions of employment, including compensation;
  • To represent and assist Crown counsel in employment-related matters;
  • To promote the common interests, concerns and public contribution of Crown counsel;
  • To recognize and promote the bilingual and bijural nature of Crown counsel work; and
  • To promote the professional and career development of Crown counsel.


Vision Statement

To seek and promote justice for our members and Canadians.

By this, we mean the following:

  • To improve the ability and capacity of federal government lawyers to be the best they can be when delivering legal services for the benefit of the Canadian public;
  • To work collectively to support and promote the proper administration of justice and respect for the rule of law;
  • To raise public awareness of federal government lawyers and the work they do for the benefit of all Canadians.