Below is a running list of decisions that help clarify interpretation or collective agreement applications.  Some of these decisions arise from policy grievances and others arise from individual grievances that the AJC has supported.  Unlike individual policy grievances, a policy grievance must relate to an interpretation or application of the collective agreement and typically have a national impact.


Grievance Process for Rejection on Probation (September 25th 2019)

 Leave Reconciliation- is it a reasonable exercise of management rights? (May 3rd 2018)

Management rights and standby pay (November 3rd 2017)

Political campaigning as an LP (January 6th 2017)

Must the decision-maker attend the policy grievance hearing? (June 3rd 2016)

Pay increments for lawyers on maternity or parental leave / Unable to assess ratings for those on maternity and parental leave (September 29th 2015)

Fees for Articling Students (March 9th 2015)

Unpaid leave can’t be included in the calculation of hours when reconciling 4-week periods (2011)