What is the AJC?

The AJC is a democratically run Association, with all of its officers elected by the membership, pursuant to the Association's By-Laws.

The ACJ is the sole bargaining agent for all lawyers and notaries in the Law Group. It has sole authority to negotiate with the employer to establish the terms and conditions of employment, including salaries and many workplace issues.

Who is in the bargaining unit?

The AJC is the certified bargaining agent for "all lawyers in the LP group for which the Treasury Board is the employer who are not excluded from collective bargaining by law or determination of the Board."

Does the bargaining unit include federal government lawyers outside of the Department of Justice?

Yes. Although the AJC was initially created as an organization of Justice Canada lawyers, the AJC took the position at the certification hearing that the employer's request for a single national unit of all legal officers should be granted, with the AJC as the bargaining agent. The Board has now concluded that the AJC is an appropriate bargaining agent for all federal legal officers, both inside and outside of the Department of Justice.

What types of issues can the AJC seek to negotiate?

Under the PSLRA, some terms and conditions of employment are not negotiable. A collective agreement may not, directly or indirectly, alter or eliminate any existing term or condition of employment or establish any new term or condition of employment if

(a) doing so would require the enactment or amendment of any legislation by Parliament, except for the purpose of appropriating money required for the implementation of the term or condition; or

What else can the AJC do for me?

The AJC will also be able to provide you with help for your workplace issues, providing support and advice with respect to individual grievances and by carrying forward group and policy grievances. You will no longer be alone when dealing with your manager or problems in your workplace. Where required, the AJC will provide the legal assistance you need.

What about membership and union dues?

Under the AJC´s Constitution, once the Rand formula is implemented, i.e., automatic and mandatory deduction of union dues from pay of bargaining unit employees, the dues will be 1.25% of annual salary. These dues will be used to fund the operating costs of the AJC and provide services to members of the bargaining unit.