What are the current pay-related issues facing AJC members?

It is the AJC's understanding that incidents of AJC members not receiving regular pay are far fewer than those experienced by members of other bargaining agents.  

However, there are still numerous issues affecting our members that include:

  • New hires are reporting that they have yet to receive pay or be enrolled in requisite benefit plans.  
  • Members recently deployed on interdepartmental assignment or appointments are either not getting paid or are reporting getting paid by both departments.
  • Members on leave without pay (LWOP) status are reporting that the processing of LWOP is very slow.  Employees who have gone on long-term LWOP are continuing to be paid, and employees who submitted short-term LWOP forms are waiting for them to be processed.
  • Members receiving acting pay also seem to be experiencing issues, such as receiving too much or too little acting pay.  The tax implications of being overpaid are more serious than you might think.  
  • Some members in the LP1 and LP2 categories, who are not at the top of the pay scale have not received their in-range lock step increases.
  • Some LP1 and LP2 at the top of scale, who are entitled to the performance pay, have yet to receive the lump-sum performance award payments or have experienced serious delays.
  • Members are also experiencing delays in the processing of claims for reimbursement of out-of-pocket expenses like law society fees and parking.