What happens if I reached a dead-end with the Trusted Source and Pay Centre and continue to not get paid or reimbursed?

In addition to requesting priority pay and an emergency salary advance, here are a few new things you can do once you have exhausted the process :

If you are not receiving pay at all or have been seriously shorted funds, contact the AJC at admin@ajc-ajj.com and provide your PRI number.  In the case of employees not receiving pay, the pay center has a system in place to enable corrections to be made quickly.  For significant shortfalls, such as payments of thousands of dollars of law society fees, the AJC will ask to have these considered as a priority.  Currently, priority is being given, public-service wide, to those who are not receiving any salary payments.  

Also, expense claims must be sent by your manager to the Trusted Source for approval. The Trusted Source is then responsible for forwarding the proper paperwork to the pay centre to be processed. If you have not received confirmation of this from the Trusted Source, you have to contact them first.