The Negotiations Committee is responsible for:

  1. Determining the Association’s bargaining strategy;
  2. Identifying the Association’s bargaining priorities;
  3. Attending bargaining sessions with the employer and other related bargaining proceedings;
  4. Retaining counsel, in consultation with the Executive Council, to facilitate bargaining and to represent the Association in other related bargaining proceedings;
  5. Collecting and analyzing relevant bargaining information, including, but not limited to:
    1. demographics of the LP bargaining unit;
    2. compensation data applicable to the LP bargaining unit;
    3. compensation data applicable to comparator service providers in the public and private sectors;
    4. collective agreements governing other comparator service providers;
  6. Commissioning bargaining-related studies or surveys where appropriate;
  7. Consulting the AJC membership on bargaining priorities;
  8. Preparing and tabling bargaining proposals;
  9. Considering employer’s proposals, and where appropriate, preparing and tabling counter-proposals;
  10. Recommending to the Governing Council that a vote of the membership be held to:

a. ratify a proposed framework or collective agreement; or

b. take job action or strike.



Negotiation Team Members