Any LP who is part of the bargaining unit for which the Association is the bargaining agent for shall be eligible for Regular Membership in the Association, provided such member has not been seconded outside the Law Group for a period of more than 3 months, and is not occupying a position that is excluded from representation. 

Membership is not automatic on account of union dues being automatically deducted from your pay.  An LP who is part of the bargaining unit and who wishes to benefit from the various individualized services (see benefits below) is required to complete and sign a Regular Membership form, following which a membership number will be issued.   



Benefits of becoming a Regular Member of the AJC include: 

  • Receiving AJC's notices and press releases; 
  • Participating fully and voting at all regular membership meetings; 
  • Nominating and voting for Governing Council members; 
  • Running for office as a member of our Governing Council; 
  • Having access to the membership-only portion of our website; 
  • Receiving services of the AJC with respect to matters of specific concern to you; 
  • Having access to AJC's financial statements; 
  • Getting a weekly press monitoring service; 
  • Participating in ratification votes.


Union Dues

Union dues are automatically deducted by the Employer from the pay of all LPs who are part of the bargaining unit in accordance with the Directive on Union DuesAJC collective agreement and AJC Bylaws
In accordance with the Public Service Labour Relations Act, the act of paying dues does not simply translate into automatic membership. 


How to Join as a Regular Member

Joining the Association of Justice Counsel as a Regular Member is easy. Simply complete and sign the Regular Membership Form below and return to the AJC by email at admin@ajc-ajj.com, by fax at 613-564-0606 or mail to: 

Association of Justice Counsel 
300-2725 Queensview Drive, Ottawa, ON K2B 0A1


For information on how to join as an Associate Member, click here.