What has the AJC done about the Phoenix Pay System?

As mentioned in previously communications, the AJC has used virtually every available mechanism to put pressure on the Government in close collaboration with the other bargaining agents.

Employment issues for federal servants fall under the PSLRA.  This legislative framework is different from the common law and differs from many of the employment law or tort concepts that you may be familiar with.

We have used the tools provided to us aggressively:  

- we have filed policy grievances,
- we have brought a mandamus application in federal court,
- we have earned not just a seat on the UMCC for Phoenix Damages, but the lead vantage seat of co-chair of the committee, which is working on compensation for every federal government employee affected by Phoenix,
- we have worked with the media to raise awareness and create pressure, we have demonstrated in front of the Office of the Prime Minister and of course,
- we have been assisting individual members with the most serious Phoenix problems.  

We will continue to use every available mechanism until every member's Phoenix-related issues relating to this crisis have been resolved.

To date, the community of bargaining agents, including the AJC, has convinced Treasury Board to establish a process that allows for the filing of a claim for certain expenses incurred because of the problems related to the Phoenix Pay system.  A working group of bargaining agent heads and PSPC officials meet on a regular basis to get the latest updates, review priorities, and try to improve the process.

In turn, the AJC continues to provide email updates to its registered members regarding the Phoenix Pay system and continues to escalate priority cases to PSPC officials.  

If for some reason, you are not receiving email updates, please contact us at admin@ajc-ajj.ca to update your personal contact information.