What steps do I need to take when encountering pay issues?

Should you have inquiries regarding your pay, including performance pay, under the collective agreement, we strongly recommend you first read the relevant collective agreement pay and performance pay provisions at Appendices A and B.  Once there, you can then consult with your Trusted Source-HR within the department. The Trusted Source-HR will have all the relevant information pertaining to your particular salary and pay increment date.

When do pay increments occur?

Pay increments in the form of lockstep increases for LP2 and LP3 occur every 12 months whereas lockstep increases occur every 6 months for LP1, except in exceptional cases where such LPs receive a “does not meet” performance rating. ​

What about LP4s and LP5s? How are they paid?

Lawyers at the LP4 and LP5 levels are not on a lockstep pay grid.  Their increases, excluding negotiated economic increases, continue to be merit-based in accordance with Appendix C of the collective agreement.

On a new appointment, does the date on which an LP’s eligibility to a new lockstep pay increment change?

All LPs whose last appointments predate March 31, 2013 continue to have a pay increment date of May 10th.  The pay increment period however is 12 months (6 months for LP-1 although this is likely not relevant as an LP1 appointed prior to March 31, 2013 would already be at the top of the scale). For LPs hired or last appointed to an LP level after March 31, 2013, such LPs’ pay increment date would be based on his or her anniversary date.  For example, if there is a new hire on September 1, such LP´s pay increment would be the following September 1.

I received an “exceeds” or “fully meets” on my Performance Review and Employee Appraisal (PREA). Do I automatically get a lump-sum performance award if I am on a lockstep scale (LP1, LP2, LP3)?

No. In order to be eligible for a performance award (lump sum payment) you must already be at the top of your lockstep range. Otherwise, you are only entitled to a lockstep pay increment which, between lockstep increments, represents a 4.7% increase.  This means that an “exceeds” rating while you are still progressing through the lock-steps will not result in any additional awards.   

How do I qualify for a lump-sum performance award?

LPs at the top of the salary range will receive lump-sum performance awards based on their assessed performance. This part of the performance pay plan applies only to lawyers at the LP1, LP2 and LP3 levels when they are already at the maximum of the pay range.  Lawyers who receive a rating of “Unsatisfactory” are not eligible to receive a performance lump-sum award. ​

Can I receive both a performance award (lump-sum payment) and a lock-step pay increment?

No. Lawyers who are not at the top of the salary range of LP1, LP2 and LP3 levels only receive lock-step increases. Only those who receive a “does not meet” rating are ineligible to move up the lock-step pay grid.  As such, LPs continue to receive performance assessments and ratings but only those already at the top of the range are eligible for a lump-sum performance pay.