How can I submit a claim for an out-of-pocket expenses related to Phoenix pay issues?

The Treasury Board announced that a claims office was open to reimbursing out-of-pocket expenses public servants have incurred due to problems with the Phoenix pay system.  Currently, Treasury Board is not willing to compensate employees for interest.  It will however consider out-of-pocket expenses incurred on account of the Pay Centre crisis.  

For example, if you needed to take out a loan with a bank or had an outstanding balance on a credit card, the interest paid could be reimbursed. Please visit the TBS Claims process webpage for more information.

The claims office is designed to reimburse people as quickly as possible and departments will have the authority to pay any claims under $500 without TB approval. Larger and more complex claims will go to the Treasury Board for decision.

As of April 27th 2017: Recognizing the unfair financial burdens these pay issues have placed on employees, the Government of Canada will reimburse those who seek or have already obtained tax advice to address tax implications caused by problems with the Phoenix system. Employees who encountered Phoenix pay issues may seek up to $200 in reimbursement for tax advisory services in relation to their 2016 or 2017 income taxes.
If you have consulted a tax expert, you are invited to submit a claim.

• Please consult the frequently asked questions on tax advisory services reimbursement page here.
• You will find the claims form for the TBS tax advisory services reimbursement here.

(Updated on July 31st 2017)