A tremendous privilege to serve the AJC membership as President - Ursula Hendel

It's hard to believe that 12 years have passed since I first campaigned for the AJC, and how much the Association has grown up since then. I remember when I first sat on Governing Council in 2007 how many things we had to think about and work out together: overall mission and vision, direction, strategy, corporate structure and governance.  We were building an association from the ground up and it was a first for many of us.   

Since those days, the AJC has developed all those things and more.  We retired our initial debt, purchased an office building and hired the right mix of staff members to better meet the needs of our members.  We have also developed and adopted a whole gamut of operational policies, have run a budgetary surplus and are now investing in a job action fund. 

The AJC did more than build.  We negotiated our first collective agreement and since our creation, our members have benefitted from a more competitive LP pay scale.  As you can tell from our communiqués, we've been extremely active lately dealing with a range of labour practice issues that are very important to our members. 

The AJC has grown from fledgling to a solid, stable structure.  It is hard to put it on paper without making it sound banal, but I truly do think about what a tremendous privilege I've been given to be the next steward of this remarkable and evolving organization. 

And I also confess to being a little nervous.   

I think this is a really important time for the Association and members. The AJC is currently in negotiations with a new government and while I don't want to overstate my optimism, the possibilities really are larger now than they have been in previous years.   

My sense of trepidation is tempered by the presence of all the members of the Governing Council and Executive Committee who give up countless hours of their personal time, many since the very beginning, to make sure the ship steers true. 

With their help and guidance, I hope to live up to your expectations, and I look forward to serving you, the members, for the next two years. 

Your AJC President, 
Ursula Hendel