Every two years, the AJC holds elections for the Governing Council.  Before proceeding with a nomination, please read the following description of the role and responsibilities of the Governing Council.

In order to have a right to vote or stand for election, you must be a registered Regular Member in Good Standing.  Please complete the membership application form at your earliest opportunity.

If you wish to serve, what will be your commitments?

  1. Commit to the mission of the organization.
  2. Commit to attending Governing Council meetings to conduct AJC business, which consists of a one-hour meeting every third Thursday of every month at 12:00 pm Eastern (excluding July and August) and a three-day face-to-face meeting (virtual or in-person) held in October.
  3. Commit to being the representative of members in your region by meeting with members and management alike and bringing these perspectives to Governing Council meetings, but also reporting back to the members on the activities of the AJC.
  4. Commit to actively participating on at least one (1) AJC or Employer subcommittee (e.g., health and safety) or AJC working group as applicable after Nominating Committee as an AJC representative.

What does it mean to serve on the Governing Council?

Elected GC representatives are responsible for the following:

In addition to the above, GC members are eligible to seek election to the Executive Committee which is responsible for overseeing the management of the day-to-day affairs of the Association that relate to their respective portfolios.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to a current Governing Council member using your personal email address to their AJC email account or by phone.  Please note that union business should not be communicated over the Employer’s network.