2020 Biennial General Elections

In like a lion, out like a lamb?? A big thank you to the 21.3% of the membership who voted.

We received 34 nominations for positions in the regions of the Ontario, BC, and the National Capital and the list below sets out the certified results.  The objection period to the results runs from today until 4:00 pm EDT Friday, March 27, 2020.

The new GC representatives will officially assume their role once confirmed at the Annual General Meeting to be held Tuesday, April 21, 2020.

01 - Nunavut Region
Gillian Bourke (Acclaimed)

02 - Atlantic Region
Maurice Bastarache (Acclaimed)
Tim McLaughlin (Acclaimed)

03 - Quebec Region
Josée Pratte (Acclaimed)
Laurent Brisebois (Acclaimed)
Mathieu Tanguay (Acclaimed)

04 - Ontario Region
Chris Leafloor (Elected)
Maria Burgos (Elected)
Michael Ezri (Elected)
Nadine Silverman (Elected)

05 - Manitoba Region
Kevin Staska (Acclaimed)

06 - Saskatchewan Region
David Smith (Acclaimed)

07 - Edmonton Region
Andrew Lawrence (Acclaimed)
Moira Váne (Acclaimed)

08 - Calgary Region
Gregory Harlow (Acclaimed)

09 - NWT Region
Jeff Major-Hansford (Acclaimed)

10 - BC Region
Brett Nash (Elected)
Chantelle Coulson (Elected)
Hanna Davis (Elected)
Karen Truscott (Elected)

11 - Yukon Region

12 - National Capital Region
Angela Lin (Elected)
Antonia Aphantitis (Elected)
David McNairn (Elected)
Ernesto Caceres (Elected)
Gilese Turner (Elected)
Ian Bradley (Elected)
Ivan Nault (Elected)
Jacqueline Corado (Elected)
Janet Lynn MacNeil (Elected)
Jay Potter (Elected)
Joshua Chambers (Elected)
Karine Richer (Elected)
Laura Pitcairn (Elected)
Nancy LeClair (Elected)
Norma Beech (Elected)
Pamela Clarke (Elected)
Sebastien N´Singi (Elected)
Stephen Lajeunesse (Elected)
Thomas Cunningham (Elected)
Ursula Hendel (Elected)
Zoë Zeng (Elected)

We sincerely thank all the candidates for their interest in serving the AJC and encourage them to consider their candidacy in any future elections.  To view the tallied votes per candidate, you may access the certified General Election results here.