Dear Registered Member,

As a result of recent departures, there are seven (7) vacancies on the Governing Council for the National Capital Region, one (1) vacancy for the BC Region and one (1) vacancy for the Nunavut Region.  The Call for Nominations will be held from Monday, September 13 until Friday, September 24, 2021.  At the time of the official Call, the Nomination Form, biography template and further information regarding commitments and obligations will be available and candidates can then submit their documents.

Candidates should self-assess if they are suitable to promote the purpose of the AJC (AJC Mission).  As union stewards, you will most likely be the first contact for members so candidates should also consider time commitments and interpersonal and communication abilities:

  • Participation at GC one-hour meetings every third Thursday of the month via Zoom, except for July and August
  • Participation at the GC Face-to-Face two-day session (Friday and Sunday every October)
  • Participation on at least one subcommittee (generally quarterly one-hour meetings) via MS Teams
  • Membership engagement (i.e., outreach/recruiting, responding to and assisting AJC registered members)
  • Cooperation by working with the AJC and the Employer to find solutions to members’ issues

As a Governing Council member, you are also responsible for the governance, management and strategic direction of the AJC.  It is important that the Governing Council works as a team and adheres to the core governance pillars of:  Independence, Accountability and Transparency.  A willingness to learn, participate and work as a team however are more important than Board experience.

New Governing Council members will be provided with a one-hour orientation session, various union steward training sessions, and will be paired with a Buddy to help navigate their new role.  New members will also be assigned an AJC email account and have access to the AJC MS Teams platform which includes a GC Portal.

We, at the AJC, believe that equity, diversity and inclusion (EDI) will enrich our mission of improving Crown counsel’s working conditions and strive to ensure EDI in all facets of the Association’s work.

As part of our recruitment strategy, we aim to ensure that our Governing Council is balanced to include representation of women, Indigenous communities, visible and non-visible minorities, and persons living with physical, cognitive, communication and psychological disabilities.

We strive to make and keep the AJC a place of service that is accessible to eligible registered members regardless of diverse gender identities, racial, economic, cultural or religious backgrounds.

We value the perspectives of a full spectrum of experiences and ideas and encourage members of the following equity-seeking groups to respond to the call for nominations for the AJC’s Governing Council:

  • Members of the BIPOC community
  • Members with disabilities
  • Members of the LGBTQ2S+ community

Furthermore, please note that the Governing Council is also currently under-represented in the following areas:

  • Term LPs
  • LP‑01s
  • LP‑03s and above
  • Non-DOJ and non-PPSC agencies and departments such as but not limited to Elections Canada, the CRCC, IRB, etc.

For more information, please click on the EDIAC members or the Terms of Reference.