What happens if my informal attempt to have my performance objectives modified fail?

There may be a range of options that you might want to consider.  Advice may be sought from the AJC in order for you to better scope out your options.  This course of action may range from requesting that the AJC intervene on your behalf at a more senior management level to considering formal channels to challenge the objectives.  

Where you are unable to receive satisfaction with your supervisor regarding the reasonableness of a performance objective, a member of our labour relations staff can provide you with an impartial assessment on whether the performance objective that you object to constitutes an unreasonable objective or a violation of the collective agreement, having regard to the circumstances.

Please be reminded that management has a significant level of discretion and that performance objectives are not directly covered within the scope of the AJC/TB collective agreement.  There may therefore be limits in terms of the AJC's role in such circumstances.  

For more information on this regarding your specific circumstances, we encourage you to contact us at admin@ajc-ajj.com and include a completed copy of our Intake Form.