What support from management am I entitled to in order to help me achieve my performance objectives?

What to expect from your manager or supervisor is clearly outlined in the Performance management program for employees.  In addition, you may refer to the Directive on Performance Management.

If for whatever reason, you feel unsupported and are being required to do work outside the scope of your job description, due to reasons beyond your control that could have an impact on your ability to meet the performance objectives that were set for you, we encourage you to have a frank discussion with your supervisor and to document any and all instances that have essentially impaired your ability to meet certain objectives.  

This will be relevant and useful to you in the event you are called upon to defend a failure to meet your objectives particularly where any discussions related to a request to reconsider your objectives have failed.  

Examples of situations that could result in your inability to fulfill your obligations may relate to a shortage of support staff and resulting failure to provide you with the administrative support you require to meet your objectives.  In such situations, you may have had to assume administrative tasks that are not normally expected of LPs. Other examples might include the failure to meet minimum certain productivity levels for reasons that fall beyond your control, such as work distribution, client demand, lack of administrative support, competing professional obligations, and the exercise of legitimate leave entitlements.