What happens if I disagree with my performance assessment?

Article 23 of the AJC Collective Agreement allows you to present counter-arguments (in writing) to the applicable manager and/or committee responsible for the assessment.   In so doing, you may request that the comments you consider baseless be stricken from the assessment.  Alternatively, you may request that your counter-arguments be placed into your personnel file so that these are read in conjunction with the employer´s assessment.  

Where you have facts to support that the assessment lacks foundation and is based on malicious intent, you may complete an Intake Form and forward it to admin@ajc-ajj.com in order to request the AJC's support in the filing of an individual grievance.  The grievance support request process is set out in greater detail in our Policy Governing Union Representation Services.

Anyone with questions regarding any of the above can contact the AJC offices.