What can I do individually if I wish to pursue a complaint on the basis of an alleged privacy breach in relation to the requirement to provide an attestation of my vaccination status?

Members require AJC support to file an individual grievance on all matters relating to the application or interpretation of the collective agreement (s. 208 (4) of the FPSLRA).  However, members can file an individual complaint with the Office of the Privacy Commissioner without the AJC’s support.  

Members are encouraged to review the Joint Statement by Federal Provincial and Territorial Privacy Commissioners on Covid-19 Passports. As well, members can visit the offices of the information commissioner’s website for its guidance on exemptions from disclosure in regards to privacy and personal information. 

In a recent decision, the Federal Court of Appeal provided clarification on the interpretation of section 4 of the Privacy Act and confirms the expression “relates directly to an operating program or activity of the institution” does not, “clearly mean “necessary” and that it would have been easy for Parliament to incorporate this stricter burden if it wished to do so”.