What options do I have if my leave is denied?

There are a number of options:

  • Ask for a meeting with your supervisor to discuss his or her reasons for the denial
  • Discuss possible alternative dates or leave categories to see if your supervisor has any flexibility or suggestions for you
  • Consult the chart  setting out all your leave entitlements and consider whether there might be another form of leave to which you are eligible.  If you require assistance in interpreting the collective agreement or the chart on leave entitlements, feel free to consult your regional Governing Council representative.  
  • If your discussions don’t result in a satisfactory resolution and you wish to challenge the reasons provided by your supervisor on the basis that your supervisor acted unreasonably, unfairly or in bad faith, ask your supervisor for reasons of his or her denial in writing.  Alternatively, you may confirm your discussions in writing including the reasons with a request that your supervisor confirm your understanding.
  • After confirming the reasons for the denial with your supervisor in writing, you have the option of asking your supervisor to reconsider.  You may also want to add any additional facts to the extent that these better support your request.
  • You can consider escalating your request to higher levels of management or contact the ACJ should you wish to pursue an individual grievance.  For more information on how to request AJC support, please consult the Policy Governing Representation Services

Alternatively, you may also consult the ICMS team to facilitate a discussion with your employer.