What other improvements are included in this tentative agreement?

The 5-day "cap" on managerial authority to grant management leave has now been removed.  There is now no limit on the ability of managers to grant management leave and Deputy Head approval is no longer required. As well, the parties have agreed to jointly develop guidelines for managers on the issuance of management leave as well as the use of flexible workweeks, two key issues for the AJC.  

Call-Back Duty, which was previously part of a MOA, is now protected and incorporated in the Collective Agreement. The amount of compensation has not changed.

Changes have been made to allow for an extended parental leave.  A separate FAQ on maternity and parental leave is being prepared.

Members are entitled for up to 10 days of paid domestic violence leave.

Modest improvements have been made to eligibility for bereavement leave and for several types of family-related leave.