Pourquoi existe-t-il un taux de rémunération régional et un taux de rémunération national ?

Entre 1987 et 1990, le Bureau régional de l’Ontario (BRO) du ministère de la Justice à Toronto a connu de graves problèmes de recrutement et de rétention. Les juristes quittaient le BRO à un rythme alarmant et le ministère de la Justice avait du mal à recruter des nouveaux. De nombreux juristes du ministère de la Justice du BRO retrouvaient des emplois auprès de la province de l'Ontario.

Myths about Bargaining: What is Negotiable and What is Not.

Following a survey conducted by the AJC between December 2013 and January 2014, members told us their top priorities in terms of bargaining with TB were:  compensation, job security and sick leave came.

We did however notice that there were some misconceptions as to what is subject to collective bargaining and what is not.  To this end, please refer to the following FAQs to find out what can and cannot be bargained.

Indeterminate Status

Did you know that...

What are the proposed wage increases?

The employer has agreed to the following changes to rates of pay for all LP levels:

Effective May 10, 2018 - increase to rates of pay: 2% plus a 0.8% wage adjustment (compounded)
Effective May 10, 2019 - increase to rates of pay: 2% plus a 0.2% wage adjustment (compounded)
Effective May 10, 2020 - increase to rates of pay: 1.5%
Effective May 10, 2021 - increase to rates of pay: 1.5%

What other changes are being brought to the Collective Agreement?

The AJC has agreed to withdraw its judicial review application in association with the conciliation decision made by Serge Brault.

The entitlement of LP3s and above to 50% parking reimbursement has been grandfathered.

The May 10th deadline for Performance Pay has changed. The Employer will now have 120 days from the end of the fiscal year.

We have agreed to a simplified process for calculation of retroactive pay adjustments that may result in a nominal difference (see appendix) from how it was previously calculated.

What other improvements are included in this tentative agreement?

The 5-day "cap" on managerial authority to grant management leave has now been removed.  There is now no limit on the ability of managers to grant management leave and Deputy Head approval is no longer required. As well, the parties have agreed to jointly develop guidelines for managers on the issuance of management leave as well as the use of flexible workweeks, two key issues for the AJC.  

Call-Back Duty, which was previously part of a MOA, is now protected and incorporated in the Collective Agreement. The amount of compensation has not changed.

What about the joint pay study?

The Employer and the Association have agreed to have a contractor to undertake a joint pay study.  

The joint pay study will compare compensation of the LP Group with several other federal government workers (internal comparability) selected jointly by the Employer and the Association.  The AJC agreed to have the contractor undertake an internal comparability exercise because the FPSLRA requires an arbitrator to consider internal comparability in coming to a decision.

What happens if there are further market adjustments agreed to or awarded?

The results of the study will determine whether additional market adjustments are appropriate and for what segments of the LP population.  For example, the study may result in the parties agreeing to, or an arbitrator awarding, the LP1s a 0% market adjustment, LP2s a 5% market adjustment, and LP3 to LP5s a 2% market adjustment.  Since Toronto rates of pay are being evaluated separately from Non-Toronto rates, it is also possible that the study supports market adjustments for Toronto but not the rest of the country, or vice versa.  In this example, the 0%, 5% and 2% adjustments respectively

What about sick leave and short-term disability?

There are no changes to the current sick leave provisions or to sick leave banks. The AJC has agreed to join a discussion table led by the Public Service Alliance of Canada with respect to considering an Employee Wellness Support Plan.  The table is to complete its mandate by December 31, 2021.  If consensus is reached, the expectation is that changes to sick leave may be made on consent in future rounds of bargaining.