On a new appointment, does the date on which an LP’s eligibility to a new lockstep pay increment change?

All LPs whose last appointments predate March 31, 2013 continue to have a pay increment date of May 10th.  The pay increment period however is 12 months (6 months for LP-1 although this is likely not relevant as an LP1 appointed prior to March 31, 2013 would already be at the top of the scale). For LPs hired or last appointed to an LP level after March 31, 2013, such LPs’ pay increment date would be based on his or her anniversary date.  For example, if there is a new hire on September 1, such LP´s pay increment would be the following September 1.   If someone is promoted into a new position on July 1, he or she gets a raise on promotion and then again on their next lockstep pay increment date, i.e. the following July 1.