What is the AJC doing for its members on return to the workplace issues?

The AJC regularly engages with departments and agencies on return to the workplace issues. The AJC shares membership feedback, clarifies expectations surrounding operational requirements and advocates for fairness, transparency and clear communications by management at all levels on return to the workplace plans.


All indications at our national level labour management meetings (NLMCCs) suggest that senior management supports these principles. Regional management should be encouraged to refer to the Guidebook for departments on easing of restrictions: Federal worksites and this FAQ, as well as to reach out to their national labour relations specialists or senior level national management for more information where there are concerns about a return to the workplace plan.


Our members have proven that they can do most of their work virtually, and there is considerable flexibility in the AJC collective agreement to allow for employee preferences in work arrangements and location. Hybrid workplaces are here to stay. If you have questions about what the AJC is doing for its members on return to the workplace issues, please contact your regional GC Representative.