These frequently asked questions are intended to provide members with some general guidance on staffing processes and complaints, and are not exhaustive. While every effort has been made to ensure the information is accurate and updated regularly, please consult the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and Employment Board (Board) website to ensure your information on staffing complaints is current.

Can I file a complaint for an acting appointment?

Complaints cannot be made for an acting appointment of less than four months, unless it extends the cumulative period of acting appointments to four months or more. The Public Service Employment Regulations excludes these appointments from the provisions of the PSEA dealing with staffing complaints to Board.

Can I withdraw a complaint?

Yes. You can with your complaint by filing a written notice of withdrawal with the Board. Your notice of withdrawal must include:

Can I appeal a staffing complaint decision?

Staffing complaint decisions of the Board are final and may not be appealed. They may however, be subject to judicial review by the Federal Court of Appeal on limited grounds. Applications for judicial review must be filed in accordance with the procedures and timeframes set out in the Federal Courts Act and the Federal Courts Rules. As a matter of general practice, the AJC does not usually apply for judicial review of staffing complaint decisions.