How do I make a staffing complaint?

You can consult the Procedural Guide for Staffing Complaints (Guide) for information on how to file a complaint with the Board. Complaints may be filed by individuals. Those seeking support from the AJC may refer to the Policy Governing Union Representation Services and fill out and return an Intake form at .

The Procedural Guide includes contact information for filing a complaint. The deadline to file is 15 calendar days following the date on which you received notice (including public notice) of the appointment, proposed appointment or revocation, as the case may be.  

Staffing complaints can be sent to the Board by email or fax. They can also be delivered to the Board in person, by courier or by regular or registered mail. Where your notice of complaint is sent by email or fax, you must ensure that a copy with your signature (or your authorized representative´s signature) is sent to the Board as soon as possible by mail, fax or email with a scanned attachment.