Has the AJC’s position on the mandatory vaccination policy changed since Omicron?

The AJC’s priority continues to be the health and safety of its members and our position on the mandatory vaccination policy has not changed. We continue to support the broadest possible vaccination of Canadians, including public servants, as an important layer of protection to combat the COVID-19 pandemic and to protect the health and safety of public servants in the workplace.

We have continued to review this issue in light of the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic. An ever-growing body of scientific studies suggest that while vaccines are less effective at preventing infection and symptomatic illness by Omicron as compared to previous variants, they still provide protection against serious illness, hospitalization and death. Some research supports that a full course of vaccine continues to decrease the risk of infection and symptomatic illness – which in turn assists in lowering the likelihood of transmission. The ongoing burden placed on our healthcare system by Covid-19, and by extension on our members’ ability to seek the preventative and primary care they and their families need can also not be overstated.

The AJC continues to advocate for improvements and changes it considers to be in the best interests of our members. We provided comments in the last round of feedback provided by bargaining agents in March, 2022 in advance of the Employer’s review of the policy, and continue to advocate along with other bargaining agents for the release of a six-month review by the employer.