I have relocated during the Covid-19 pandemic, and am no longer able to commute, can the employer require me to return to the workplace?

Yes, the employer can require you to return to the workplace provided that there are operational requirements for this request, even where you have relocated to another location from which you can’t easily commute during the Covid-19 pandemic.

If you have relocated, we recommend that you approach your manager with a request to telework on a full-time basis as soon as possible. Provide information on your new location, any accommodation needs you may have, as well as a plan for how you intend to meet operational requirements going forward. The success of your request may depend on your proposed telework location.

Some positions may not be suitable for full-time telework from a remote location, for example litigation positions in which you are required to attend court on a regular basis.

If your request for full-time telework is denied, please contact your regional GC Representative for advice and assistance or fill out our online intake form.