I have accommodation requirements related to the return to the workplace, how can I get support in making an accommodation request?

If you have accommodation requirements related to the return to the workplace, you should make an accommodation request to your supervisor or manager, setting out your specific accommodation needs. Requests for accommodation should be considered by the employer on a case-by-case basis, in accordance with article 36 of the AJC Collective Agreement, and the Canadian Human Rights Act (CHRA).

Accommodation requests can be made, for example, on the protected grounds of family status or disability, such as childcare responsibilities or a health condition which makes you or a family member who you live with or have caregiving responsibilities for has a health condition that makes them vulnerable to Covid-19. This might include a child under five years old who has not yet received their first dose of a Covid-19 vaccine due to vaccine availability, or a child who is under six months old who is not yet eligible for a Covid-19 vaccine. It might also include a request that a member telework on a full-time basis and/or not report to a particular supervisor where they experienced discrimination or harassment in the workplace prior to the pandemic.

Accommodation requests should be supported through appropriate information, such as a summary of reasonable efforts made to secure childcare or medical information from your treating health care practitioner. Medical information should include your functional limitations, as well as an outline of your accommodation needs, it should not include your medical diagnosis.

If you need assistance with your accommodation request, or if your accommodation request is denied, please contact your regional GC Representative for advice and assistance or fill out our online intake form.