Update on Collective Bargaining

Thursday, August 17, 2023

We have received a number of inquiries from members about collective bargaining and the market adjustment discussions regarding LP pay.

The AJC made a strategic decision to delay delivering its notice to bargain and starting the regular collective bargaining process while we engaged in market adjustment discussions with the employer, including pay increases for 2022-2026. Those discussions began earlier this year and are continuing.

The market adjustment discussions are being conducted on a confidential, without prejudice basis, which means that there are necessarily significant limitations on what can be shared.  However, in the interests of providing as much transparency as we are able to in this process, we can say this:


  • The market adjustment discussions have been worthwhile and we intend to continue those discussions in August, and likely into September as well.


  • While several different scenarios have been discussed, no deal has yet been reached. The AJC and the employer continue to discuss options that might address the market adjustment issue.  However, we want to clarify again, that no agreement has been made.


The AJC views the market adjustment discussions as an opportunity to focus on settling compensation issues first.  This approach reverses the usual order of collective bargaining where non-financial issues are discussed and resolved initially and pay issues are settled as the last order of business.

We are mindful that the AJC’s collective agreement has expired, that there have been no pay raises yet, and that a number of other unions have concluded new collective agreements.  All of these matters are top of mind for the AJC as we regularly assess the situation and determine next steps that are in the best interests of our members.

The AJC team will be working hard in the coming weeks to reach a tentative market adjustment agreement.  However, should the AJC determine that a tentative agreement appears unlikely by the end of summer, we will push forward both with a formal notice to bargain as well as the completion of the joint pay studies. In the meantime, we continue to make every effort possible to resolve the market adjustment and related pay issues with the employer.