Wednesday, February 22, 2023


Dear AJC members, 

Following the AJC’s 2020 General Election and subsequent Executive elections, the Governing Council (GC) sought a review the electoral processes to ensure greater accountability and transparency. The GC thus began the work of modernizing its electoral process and implemented steps, such as the creation of an oversight body (the NEC), reviewing the bylaws that will be submitted to the general membership in April, establishing campaign rules (there weren’t any) and reviewing the voting platform used. 

An interim NEC was established, and its mandate ends March 31st, 2023. The GC and the interim NEC are now ready to hand over the important duties of nominations and elections oversight to the membership at large. 

As such, the new AJC’s Nomination and Election committee (NEC) is recruiting! The NEC is comprised of at least three (3) regular or associate AJC members in good standing, nominated by the Governing Council.   

The NEC has a critical role to play as the membership-based committee that oversees all AJC elections; reviews electoral processes, practices, election platforms and establishes campaign rules. 

We are stronger together and your contributions here can make an important difference for so many.  A call for expressions of interest is therefore being issued to all regular and associate members.  We ask that you respond to this important call.