If I choose to be an opting surplus employee for the 12 months without a guaranteed reasonable job offer and am appointed to a lower level position, is my salary protected?

If an opting employee were to choose opting “surplus” priority for the 12 months without a guaranteed reasonable job offer and were appointed to a lower level, the AJC if of the view that salary protection should be available because the employee remains “surplus” as per the definition set out in the WFAD.

For more information, please refer to sections 5.1, 5.1.2and the definitions of « surplus employee » and “surplus priority” of the WFAD.  

Once my position is declared surplus, what kind of support should I expect from my department in relation to my search for alternate employment?

You and your manager are encouraged to discuss this to determine what is appropriate.  Generally, the departments do provide a certain level of assistance in support of your search for alternate employment.  Feel free to also visit the AJC´s website for links to prospective employers or placement agencies in search of your specialized service qualifications.

Can employees who have not been identified as affected or surplus step forward and volunteer to depart?

Yes, if the department in question makes this option available.  Departments are considering various ways to reduce the impact of the required reductions on its current employees, which may include inviting employees to express their interest in volunteering to be laid-off.  It is at the discretion of management to accept an expression of interest to “volunteer”.  Accepted volunteers could then be entitled to the appropriate Workforce Adjustment (WFA) provisions whether they have received an affected status letter or not.