What information must be included in a staffing complaint?

You can use a complaint form to make your complaint. Using this form is not required, but you must file a complaint in writing, and it must include the following information:

• your name, telephone number and fax number, and a mailing address or email address that can be disclosed to all parties;
• the name, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of your authorized representative, if any;
• the number or identifier, if any, of the process to which the complaint relates;
• a copy of the notice of lay-off, revocation, appointment or proposed appointment to which the complaint relates;
• the name of the department or agency, branch or sector involved in the process to which the complaint relates;
• a reference to the provision of the PSEA under which the complaint is made;
• a full factual description of the events, circumstances or actions giving rise to the complaint (to the extent known by you). You should provide evidence to support your complaint;
• your signature or the signature of your authorized representative; and,
• the date of the complaint.

Complaints can be made in either official language. At the time of filing your complaint, you must also indicate whether you wish the proceedings and hearing be in English or in French.