What other changes are being brought to the Collective Agreement?

The AJC has agreed to withdraw its judicial review application in association with the conciliation decision made by Serge Brault.

The entitlement of LP3s and above to 50% parking reimbursement has been grandfathered.

The May 10th deadline for Performance Pay has changed. The Employer will now have 120 days from the end of the fiscal year.

We have agreed to a simplified process for calculation of retroactive pay adjustments that may result in a nominal difference (see appendix) from how it was previously calculated.

We have agreed to an extended implementation period for changes to pay, including 180 days for most members and the exceptionally long timeframe of 560 days for certain individuals whose pay files require manual intervention.  In exchange, every member receives a $400 signing bonus and those members whose retroactive pay transactions take longer than 180 days receive $50 for every additional 90 days of delay.  These amounts are taxable and not pensionable.  

We have agreed to meet with Departmental officials to discuss a possible future transition from a 4-tier performance pay regime to a 6-tier performance pay regime.  While this is not a concession for the current round, the employer is expected to seek changes to LP 1,2 and 3 performance pay in the future.