What is Classification Reform?

The Financial Administration Act (“FAA”) outlines the responsibilities and powers of the TB. Amongst TB´s powers, is human resource management in the federal public administration, including the determination of the terms and conditions of employment of persons employed in it (section 7(1) (e)).

Pursuant to section 11.1(b) of the FAA, TB may provide for the classification of positions and persons employed in the public service.

In November 2007, TB announced the LA Classification Reform Project, which involved revisiting the LA Group Definition and the LA Classification Standard.  The current Classification Standard dates back to 1987.  Attached please find a copy of the old 1987 LA Classification Standard.

In relation to the LA Classification Reform Project, TB had initially been working with the Department of Justice (“DOJ”) in the development and testing of the draft standard. DOJ also conducted an internal review of all job descriptions within DOJ with a view to:


  • standardize job descriptions into a generic format,
  • reduce the number of generic job descriptions,
  • ensure that such job descriptions are drafted in a way that coincides with the new classification standard; and finally,
  • test the job descriptions against the new TB LP classification standard.

PPSC also underwent a similar review.  

TB since consulted some of the other departments and agencies in relation to the LP classification standard.