Update on the AJC-COPE Labour Dispute

Monday, June 7, 2021

As mentioned earlier, further to a vote on May 20, 2021, COPE members rejected the AJC’s last offer to return to work by a split vote of 4 to 3.  While disappointed, we respect our employees’ decision, as well as their right to remain on strike.

COPE filed an unfair labour practice complaint to which we have filed our reply on June 4.    

The AJC Executive and Governing Council have also written COPE local executives, local, provincial and national presidents requesting that they reconsider the reasonableness of their positions and use the power of their offices to help influence a change of course.  For a copy of the letter to the COPE presidents, please click here.  The letter provides a synopsis of the main elements of the AJC’s offer and the outstanding issues that led some COPE members to walk out.  Those interested in the facts and context leading up to the strike are encouraged to read both the letter and AJC’s reply to the Unfair Labour Practice complaint.   

For those interested in the contents of the AJC’s final offer that was rejected by a vote of 4 to 3, you can click here

AJC Members having questions about the AJC-COPE negotiation process can contact their local Governing Council representatives who are regularly updated. 

We hope the COPE`s top brass will take us up on our offer to engage and scope out a path that will result in a more constructive working relationship and the return to work of striking employees so that we can all get back to servicing you the membership.