AJC Statement regarding current strike and employee relations – May 18th, 2021

Tuesday, May 18, 2021

The Association of Justice Counsel regrets that we are currently in a strike situation arising from three (3) outstanding issues which could not be resolved during conciliation. We are mindful of the impact of the strike on both our employees and their families, as well as our diminished ability to serve AJC members. 
Upon listening to, and carefully considering, the issues raised on behalf of our employees during a lengthy conciliation process with COPE, the employees` union, the AJC provided a fair and reasonable offer with the employees’ collective interests in mind. The AJC believes the offer is in keeping with the collective agreements of our employer comparators, namely federal public service unions.
The AJC’s goal remains an early, amicable, and positive resolution to this issue.   At the request of the AJC, our employees have been given the opportunity this week to vote on whether to accept our offer.
The AJC looks forward to welcoming our employees back into the workplace, and ultimately getting back to the business of serving AJC members.