The AJC condemns the loss of Black lives, anti-Black racism and violence

Thursday, June 11, 2020


The Association of Justice Counsel (AJC) stands in solidarity with the Black community and condemns the loss of Black lives to anti-Black racism and violence. Since the death of George Floyd, the AJC has been listening and considering the events that have transpired and continue to unfold both at home and abroad. 

As Canada’s Crown counsel, the AJC has always worked to uphold the rule of law and recognizes that the rule of law has not always resulted in justice.  The AJC believes that everyone has a right to equal benefit and protection of the law and recognizes that this has not always been the reality.

While recognizing where the law has failed in the past, the AJC will always, in fulfilling its mandate, seek to promote justice and support freedom of expression and the right to peacefully protest against all injustices. The AJC recognizes that systemic racism is real and that for too long this has not been acknowledged or confronted. 

Silence is not an option and neither is a failure to take action. The AJC hears our community’s demands for a fairer, more just society and promises to continue to take active steps whenever possible towards the elimination of systemic barriers for all persons. The AJC has and continues to be committed to assisting and supporting members who have experienced racism, and we are actively exploring additional measures we can take to address the issue.