The AJC New Executive Committee

Thursday, May 21, 2020

Executive Election Results

The list below sets out the results of the AJC's Biennial Executive Committee (EC) election process where your Governing Council (GC) elects the members of the EC. The following members of the 2020-2022 EC were acclaimed:

Vice-President – Administration: Ian Bradley

Vice-President – Communications: Moira Vánĕ
Vice-President – Compensation and Working Conditions:  Mathieu Tanguay

Vice-President – Finance: Brett Nash
Vice-President – Labour Relations: Kevin Staska


Since three (3) nominations were received for the position of President and two (2) nominations were received for the position of Vice-President – Membership Services, an election was held between May 2 and 8 2020.

David McNairn was elected as President and Tim McLaughlin was elected as Vice-President – Membership Services.  We sincerely thank Maria Burgos, Nadine Silverman and Nancy LeClair for putting their names forth and we look forward to their continued support on the GC.

The GC confirmed the final results of the 2020-2022 Executive Committee at the May 21, 2020 meeting.